Your Alma Mater Really Does Matter!

Remember Your Academic Roots. Honor Your Alma Mater.

Our college Alma Mater is a precious thing. We spent years getting a college education (and degree) and if you’re like many, you enjoyed that time taking advantage of all the great social and athletic activities your college had to offer too. It still does! And that’s the beauty of having an Alma Mater that stays in touch with you. And we know they all do! So if you’re not participating in Alma Mater activities you should be. Watch THE Balancing Act’s “Pros in the Know”…sponsored by West Texas A&M University…great tips about how the fun things and events today’s colleges and universities still offer their graduates. It’s sporting events and a whole lot more. Tune in to find out how you can start having fun with your Alma Mater.

The Balancing Act