Travel Tip #12 – Life’s a Beach

Life's a Beach...with TA and Petro Stopping Centers

Life’s a Beach! But beach sand stuck to feet, toes, fingers and even worse — inside bathing suits — is not. And many beaches across America don’t have facilities (running water) to remove the sand, or your favorite beach is simply too far by foot from a public restroom, close enough to make sand-removal a worthwhile task. But there’s a way to insure you can remove all or most of that nasty sand when you’re ready to hit the road. Find out how your empty milk jugs…you know the ones usually tossed-out, can become your best friend on the next beach trip. Join Olga to find out how. Sponsored by TA & Petro Stopping Centers — coast-to-coast and chock full of amenities that simply make travelling in your car, van, or truck so much better; including a fully-stocked Travel Store with everything from snacks, drinks, to-go food, electronics, phone accessories, and more! Don’t miss “Life’s Beach” Travel Tips from TA and Petro Stopping Centers.

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