SUMMER:One Broadway Play, One Refreshment at a Time.

From Broadway To the Beach, And a Safer Way to Get There.

THE “Broadway Balances America” series continues as we go behind the scenes of one of Broadways best shows…a show that’s traveling the country, bringing the sights, sounds and stage talent to cities way beyond The Big Apple. “Kinky Boots” with direction and choreography by Harvey Fierstein, is a play based on 2005 film, inspired by a true story of an young businessman forced to give up his dreams but who finally saves the day with an unlikely partnership. From Off Broadway we’ll travel back to the Balancing Act studio to meet to the adult beverage mixing talents of Willy Shine, mixologist and Brandmeister for the iconic liqueur Jägermeister. Willy whips-up a taste or two of summer you won’t be able to resist. And speaking of fun, don’t we all need more of that? Find out how an online consumer service completes the get-the-stuff-done-around-the-house jobs; a vendor vetting service that frees you up to enjoy more of life.