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Crispy, Crunchy And Perfectly Healthy

Article: Kobaya, Inc
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Almonds are a popular snack food, enjoyed by millions of American women. And thanks to Kobaya, they're more popular than ever. Bursting with taste and packed with fun, in-shell roasted almonds from Kobaya are changing the way today's smart consumer chooses their snack foods. And the good news is: This" superfood" has gone "roasted"! Join Kobaya spokesman, Kenny Hasegawa as he talks about healthy snacking on "The Balancing Act".

Crispy, Crunchy And Perfectly Healthy

When it's time for a snack that has crunch, what do you grab for? Chips?

We know that processed snacks look good and taste great but are definitely not healthy for us with all that fat and salt.

A delicious option is almonds - and we're not talking about plain and boring ones that may be healthy for you but just don't hit the right notes with our tastebuds.

Just 25 almonds a day provide many natural benefits:

- lower cholesterol
- good for your heart
- contain vitamin E
- bursting with vital nutrients
- the healthy fat in almonds also aids weight loss

Kobaya Inc. puts an exciting twist on the California almond (which is really a seed of a fruit, by the way) with their roasted and coated almonds and seasonings that burst with flavor, taking this Super healthy SuperFood and making it into a fabulously flavorful snack.

Their almonds are carefully and meticulously selected and roasted to a crispy, crunchy finish with a unique coating blend of rice flour and seasonings. As soon as you bite into one, you taste the freshly roasted almonds mixed with wonderful zesty flavors. Kobaya Coated Almonds:

- are Nutritious
- gluten-free
- non-GMO
- have a simple and short ingredients list that indicates how natural and healthy they are
- come in Wasabi, Black Pepper an Lightly Salted flavors

Kobaya also produces In Shell Almonds. During the roasting process, the shell protects the almond so no bruising occurs and the freshness, crunchiness and flavor is preserved. The shells can be peeled easily with your fingers and they are ready to eat!


It is easy to order them online from Amazon or from or through! Fill in the promo code "Balancing Act" for both kobayanuts and wcgourmet websites. The code offers free shipping.

Make sure to tune in to The Balancing Act on October 8 and 15th at 7:00 am (ET/PT) to see Kenny Hasegawa from Kobaya as he talks about healthy snacking with almonds.

"We are excited to partner with The Balancing Act to introduce our products, Kobaya Coated Almonds to the viewers who are interested in products that will help them lead a healthy lifestyle and also will fit into their busy lives. Kobaya Coated Almonds are exciting to eat, convenient, healthy and satisfying. They are a perfect snack for today's women who are always on the go, time crunched, and health conscious."

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