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Simple And Delicious Protein

Article: Fair Life, LLC
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Today's athletes and fitness enthusiasts are serious about staying in peak physical condition. And they're equally serious about proper nutrition and post-workout recovery. Fair Life founders Mike and Sue McCloskey are bringing their important story to The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television. Join them as they talk about Core Power and how they're providing athletes at all levels the power to "crush the day."

Simple And Delicious Protein

Are you a weekend warrior or a serious fitness buff? How do you replenish your body after you exercise?
Women need protein in their diets, especially those who work out:

- Protein is hot right now, some studies show that 63% of consumers are looking to add more protein to their diets
- Protein after working out helps to build lean muscle
- 5-25 minutes after physical activity or a workout is the best time to provide your body with the protein it needs to recover

Many people are not aware of the benefits of milk as a sports nutritional beverage, instead associating powder based drinks and dietary supplements with post workout recovery and athletic performance.

Did you know that milk has natural electrolytes? While typically thought of as a hydration beverage, milk has been shown to be an excellent way to replace fluids lost during exercise.

Core Power has the electrolytes that are naturally found in milk: potassium, calcium, chloride and sodium. One bottle of Core Power has more electrolytes than a bottle of Gatorade!

Core Power(TM)is a high protein, clean tasting, refreshing, simple ingredient recovery milk shake created for fitness enthusiasts who are active in their pursuits of achieving their fitness goals. Whether looking to compete, look good, or feel good, Core Power is the perfect solution for your protein needs.

- Core Power is a high protein recovery drink for fitness enthusiasts and active individuals who are looking to add a high quality, great tasting protein source to their workout routines.

- Launched in 2012, Core Power is quickly becoming the recovery drink and nutritional milk shake of choice for active individuals and fitness enthusiasts all over the US

- Unlike other products on the market, Core Power is made from real, fresh milk and has a simple ingredient list - no powders or chemicals are added at any time

In fact, it's a product that fits well into the needs of the entire family, from active kids to working mothers to weekend warrior dads.

Core Power is made by a co-op of 87 family-owned dairy farms, whose focus is on high quality milk and value added dairy products that start with sustainable farming practices, high standards of animal care and comfort, a commitment to high quality, great-tasting milk, operational transparency, product traceability and the protection of the planet and our environment.

Fair Life is a health and wellness company dedicated to the design and creation of great tasting value-added nutritional products that come from the natural nutrition found in dairy and are created with the purpose of giving consumers the great-tasting nutrition they need to live life to the fullest.

To learn more about this calcium-rich refreshing protein drink, tune in to The Balancing Act on Thursday, October 10th and October 17th at 7:00 (ET/PT) to see Mike and Sue McCloskey, Founders of Fair Life discuss the health benefits of dairy.,

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