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Chinese Slimming Secret

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Turning Over A New Leaf For A Better You

America is getting in shape - slimming down and shaping up... and as the facts reveal, they're doing it more by drinking Wu-Long tea. Join Okuma Nutritionals CEO, Julia Lundstrom as she takes Wu-Long to early morning cable TV. Women are tired of yo-yo dieting, fed-up at losing the weight-loss battle. Wu-Long is helping change that as women across America are drinking Wu-Long tea to shed the weight and lose the inches. If you're searching for a sure-fire way to get in shape, tune-in and find out for yourself, starting late July on The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television

Chinese Slimming Secret

Who wants to know a secret?

And what if that secret could help you shape up and slim down - and lose weight - NATURALLY?

There is a 400 year old Chinese secret that has been known to some for many generations and is becoming more popular every day as its benefits are studied and revealed ... The secret is Oolong Tea!

You've most likely heard about all different types of teas: White, Yellow, Green, Black and Oolong - all are delicious - but Oolong in particular has been shown to have fantastic health benefits. Wu-Long Slimming "Fat Burning" Tea from Okuma Nutritionals is made from Oolong tea and can:

? Naturally Boost Your Metabolism

? Automatically Burn Calories (A University of Tokushima School of Medicine study found double the calorie-burning results for people drinking Chinese Wu-Long vs. Japanese green tea).

? Help Shed Fat up to 12% faster (According to a 2001 study published in the Journal of Nutrition)

? Lessen likelihood of yo-yo dieting

? Helps stop food cravings

? Give Your Face a Healthy Glow

? Reverse Signs of Aging

? Reduce Free Radicals - Antioxidant benefits

Wu-Long Slimming Tea comes from the Mt. Fujian Region in China, which is the premier source for oolong tea. The tea is grown at very high altitudes which produces a lower yield, but is much more concentrated in polyphenols (a weight loss compound).

Okuma tests Wu-Long tea to make sure it has the highest level of polyphenols possible to help with your weight loss. If you're on a 2,000 calorie diet, the extra 12% calories you would burn comes to 240 calories!

No weight loss aid is a magic bullet. Okuma firmly believes that Wu-Long should be part of every diet along with exercise. Okuma's Wu-Long Tea, is THE Chinese secret for staying slim and healthy.


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