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The Eco-Friendly Armpocket - The Ultimate Armband?

Every once in a while, a practical solution comes along making us all wonder, "Hey why didn't I think of that?" One US company did exactly that, coming-up with an eco-friendly solution for nearly any type of physical work-out. Known simply as the Armpocket?, this clever water-proof, sweat proof, fashion accessory clips comfortably on your arm, making it easy to carry and use smart phone apps, while providing a safe convenient place for cash, keys, and credit cards. So run - don't walk - to discover how this simple, fun accessory is saving the planet while improving work-outs for women (and men) coast-to-coast.

Arm Yourself With Workout Wonder!

How many times have you gone to the gym to work out, walk in your neighborhood or run along the beach but didn't know what to do with your keys, ID, or phone?

Stuffing your personal items in a pocket or having to carry around a gym bag from machine to machine isn't always the most practical or convenient solution - and is not a very secure way to protect your valuables.

Armpocket Enterprises has developed an eco-friendly, hands-free carrying system for active lifestyles. The Ultimate ArmbandTM was engineered by runners who know what's important to other runners, sports enthusiasts as well as 'around town' errand-runners for comfort, convenience and durability.

Keeping the future health of the planet in mind, Armpockets are eco-friendly and made from:

? Recycled plastic bottles (PET) fabric - water and sweat resistant protecting your portable electronic devices

? Natural sustainable bamboo rayon mesh fabric - soft and comfortable to wear, no harmful chemical to create irritation on your arm

Besides being water resistant and ultra soft, Armpockets are lightweight, no slip, have 3 interior pockets and come in 8 colors and 4 models to fit every lifestyle:

? Aero - i10 for running around with errands - sleek low-profile - fits most Smartphones with cases
? Sport - i20 for activity sports - most versatile carrying solution with high-visibility reflective piping - carries what you need!
? Xtreme - i30 for heavy duty runner/athletes - fits the largest droid phones and iPhones with large cases
? The Armpocket NightHawkTM Introducing in Summer 2012

Armpockets touch-through sensitive screen allows "on-the-move" music and application operation.

Now you can concentrate on running errands or running a marathon instead of running after dropped valuables.

Armpocket is committed to supporting the 4 women on the makeover journey as a proud sponsor of "A Lifetime of Health and Wellness Series?"airing every morning on "The Balancing Act' at 7 am.

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