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Helping Baby Breathe Easy

Article: BabyComfyNose
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A Better Snot Sucker... BabyComfyNose

The Common cold led one Colorado inventor, Peter Champe, to come with a not-so-common solution that is changing the way American parents help with their child's nasal congestion. This revolutionary nasal aspirator is making this sticky problem a whole lot less congested. See how this PEDIATRICIAN ENDORSED invention that started in one man's home tool shop is helping parents everywhere cope with the most common of problems - the childhood common cold.

Helping Baby Breathe Easy

Do you feel a little helpless when your child is all stuffed up and is having trouble breathing? Your heart is aching for your little person who only wants to take a deep breath but is so congested that it just isn't possible. Do you reach for the bulb syringe from the hospital and hope you can get enough mucus out to make a difference?

There's a better answer to help clear your baby's nose - BabyComfyNose!

BabyComfyNose is a human suction type nasal aspirator that is 7-10 times stronger than bulb or battery-powered aspirators. You control the suction to remove as much mucus as you can from your child's stuffy nose. The design of BabyComfyNose employs a principle of fluid dynamics to assure that liquid and mucus cannot get sucked up the tube and into your mouth.

According to BabyComfyNose data, battery-powered devices can't generate sufficient suction required to remove the mucus residing deeper in the sinus cavities, and they can be more expensive to operate. The bulb syringe that most hospitals send home with new parents also doesn't have enough suction and they have to be used repeatedly to work at all, making it a less hygienic solution - and most children won't sit still long enough to make this convenient or practical.

BabyComfyNose nasal aspirator boasts these advantages:

? Prevents bacteria from spreading throughout your home

? Uses household tissues as a filter instead of having to buy expensive filters

? The nasal tip and mouth piece are both soft silicon-type rubber

? The soft nasal tip fits more gently in the baby's nose

? Comes in three colors - so each child has their own

? They each with a nylon mesh storage pouch, allowing hygienic drying

? Use on babies from birth until they learn to blow their own nose

Feel safe and secure using BabyComfyNose on your child's stuffy nose. To find out more about BabyComfyNose, please visit their website at

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