The Balancing Act

After The Bell Rings

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After School Education Programs

Judy Nee, Executive Vice-President of AlphaBest Education, joins the Balancing Act discussion as she spearheads efforts nationwide to improve and expand after school education programs at elementary school levels. AlphaBest features enriched-extended day programs that engage children in ways after-school programs in the past did not. AlphaBest, a turn-key academic solution customizes learning solutions for both the school and the communities being served.

After The Bell Rings

When the bell goes off and signals the end of the school day for students, it doesn't mean learning needs to end.

Today, many parents work and have no choice but to enroll their children in aftercare. Along with that may come the guilt associated with leaving your child for hours in what is typically considered a child care or supervised babysitting situation.

Schools today are pressured to line up learning with test outcomes, (i.e. No Child Left Behind) leaving very little time in the school day for engaging educational topics, including technology, fitness, foreign language and the arts. Wouldn't aftercare be the perfect time for students to expand their learning experiences? Some very critical reasons would be:

? 60% of kids time spent outside of school

? Affords time to explore new interests

? Global competitiveness critical for students today

? Physical Fitness is necessary for optimum learning

? After school is no longer a luxury - it has become a necessity

Alphabest Education INC., one of the largest providers of after school expanded learning offers leading-edge, enriching, interesting extended-day programs in each of those areas - and more - to over 6,000+ students.

Their after school programs are designed to give K-5 elementary school students the opportunity to learn, develop, explore and have fun well beyond the normal school day.

AlphaBest, operating 125 programs in 8 states, brings the after-school experience to the optimum level by:

? Managing a well-organized approach in supervised setting
? Strengthening school and parent relationships
? Promoting life-long learning in a safe environment
? Expanding student interests and skill sets in drama, foreign language, etc.
? Engaging students with innovative curriculum and activities

Vital learning and life-skill development do not need to end when the dismissal bell rings in mid-afternoon with AlphaBest's fun, enriching programs that help students expand learning beyond the school day and well into their futures.

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