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Lighter Backpacks

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Curriculum Loft

The future of education is digital. We must embrace this in order to keep students engaged and prepare them to be 21st century citizens.

Lighter Backpacks

How many times have you wished your child's backpack wasn't so heavy from all the thick instructional books inside?

The future of education in the 21st Century is going digital. Kids growing up today understand and feel comfortable with digital devices - they are part of their everyday world. Technology is becoming a bigger part of a student's world at school too, as more and more schools make the transition from textbooks and printing to a digital curriculum.

As Districts make the jump and go digital, they will first need to organize their digital curriculum. CurriculumLoft developed an easy-to-use, web-based interface for teachers to collaborate on the digital content they are using, organize it into units of study, and share with peers and students.

Once the curriculum is organized and in place, students are ready to use their KUNO tablets, an innovative mobile learning solution developed in partnership with CurriculumLoft. The lightweight KUNO tablet is designed specifically for students so they can access digital resources from anywhere.

CurriculumLoft's digital solutions, both the management interface and theKUNO tablet are unique for schools because they provides both digital curriculum management and mobile device management in one platform, bridging the "digital gap". More great features about these digital tools:

? CurriculumLoft provides 360 degree view of your child's education: web-based access to resources for teachers, administrators, students, and parents
? Parents love it because it can be used for several school years (with upgrades each school year).
? Saves schools money and time.
? Parents don't need to have a speedy Internet for kids to download their vital info.
? Convenient for schools to manage information (admin. corrections, upgrade, add or delete subjects).
? All of your child's subjects in one accessible place
? Learning can be made personal through individualized instruction.
? Information safe and secure for your child's protection

A digital curriculum will transform the way the 21st Century student learns.

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