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Quick Twist On Mac 'n Cheese

Article: Yakisoba
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Quick Twist On Mac 'n Cheese

Kids love mac 'n cheese - it's always a favorite meal for lunch, dinner or as side dish.

Moms know that cheese is actually packed with calcium and is a great way to get this essential nutrient into their kids' bodies.

But kids can get bored with the same meals. So how do you keep the cheesy goodness of traditional macaroni and cheese but change it up a notch for a different variation of the meal everyone loves?

Maruchan, makers of the Japanese Ramen noodle brand, offers quick and easy meals with Yakisoba entrées, based on a wheat flour noodle which is similar to macaroni. Yakisoba entrees, also filled with vegetables and seasonings, cook in a microwave oven in only 4 minutes!

Yakisoba entrees come in 13 delicious flavors, including Cheddar Cheese Yakisoba. So give your family a fun, new taste sensation with a Japanese twist on your American classic casserole:

? Microwave Yakisoba's Cheddar Cheese entrees (1 per person) for 4 minutes
? Have the kids help with simple meal preparation
? Slice up sharp cheddar or other favorite or low fat cheese
? Cut and dice chives
? Put aside parmesan cheese
? Mix above ingredients into bowl and top with hot noodle entrees after cooked
? Eat as is or create a casserole: put mixture into deep dish pan and top with more cheddar and parmesan cheese, bake for designated time until top becomes golden

While preparing the meal, you can even tell your kids about Marco Polo. "Pasta" is centuries old. There is a legend of an Italian merchant & traveler from the 1300's named Marco Polo said to have imported pasta from Asia specifically China) to Italy during a great voyage.

For a very affordable price, you have treated your family to something new for meal time!

You can find Maruchan Yakisoba in your supermarket's soup aisle.

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