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Healing Wounds With Loved Ones

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Improving The Lives Of Our Elderly Loved Ones

50,000,000 American are at high risk of infection from normal daily activities... So are you parents. Steve Keough, CEO of Pharmacline talks about a game-changing antibiotic developed to help heal wounds, prevent disease and improve the lives of our elderly loved ones.

Healing Wounds With Loved Ones

As the population ages, many people are now the primary caregivers for multiple generations - adult elderly parents included.

Parents and other loved ones need extra care as they start to realize that their bodies and minds do not respond the same as they once did. Physical and psychological changes, like fighting to retain independence and privacy and the ability to recognize pain changes over time cause a big impact in their lives.

What can you do to help your elderly loved one?

? Get organized by keeping a current list of medications.
? Help elders stay on the medications by using pill boxes.
? Always keep an organized and updated Medicine Cabinet.
? Keep emergency contacts lists nearby.
? Be aware of their condition. Regularly check their feet or other areas of their body
that may be hard to reach.
? Don't hesitate to seek professional care.

Physically, when an older person suffers from a wound it can be more difficult to heal, and their ability to resist infection can go down dramatically - which is cause for concern if your loved one gets even a minor cut, scrape or burn.

An innovative pharmaceutical company, pharmaCline LLC, is devoted to healing wounds, preventing diseases and improving lives. pharmaCline is on the front-lines of combating infections quickly and effectively, with two innovative antibiotic medications for elder care healing:

? TisseclinePlus® is designed for slow healers (uses Site Specific Penetration Technology? combating infection when applied to wound, does not create irritation on the skin).

? Diabecline® is designed for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics.

Both of these antibiotic ointments are safer than triple antibiotics (which can cause allergic reactions), are safe to use on sensitive skin types - reacting about the same as it reacts to mild baby shampoo - contains vitamin D, often lacking in older adults and essential to the skin healing cycle, and are hypo-allergenic.

Having a good understanding of how the body changes among the elderly is essential to providing effective and
compassionate care, like making sure your loved one stays physically active and socially engaged to promote overall health, including periods of recovery from wounds.

TisseclinePlus® and Diabecline® are available via Amazon through the company website, Please use promotional code BALA2012 for 20% off and free shipping.

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