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Cloud Technology For The 21st Century

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Joining The Balancing Act is Rodrigo Vaca, VP of Marketing with Zoho Corporation, explaining how to get maximum use of the internet while running a small business from home. It's all about 21st Century cloud technology; and if you don't know what that is, you should watch this!

Zoho serves as a provider of specialty software a small business can rent that helps with any number of management solutions needed to run a productive company.

Cloud Technology For The 21st Century

With so many women running small businesses, working as consultants or freelancing, the problem of keeping track of it all and growing your business can become overwhelming. Many of these small businesses operate online and it is important to stay focused on business, not technology.

Zoho allows business owners and professionals to focus on their business while they take care of the rest with apps that help them get more sales, get paid, support their customers and make their business more productive.

For example:

? Zoho Invoice makes it easy for independent contractors, freelancers and small businesses to keep track of their customers send invoices and get paid faster.

? Zoho Projects allows them to plan, track and collaborate on projects - both internally as well as with customers.

Similarly, Zoho has 25 other online applications that help independent professionals and small companies stay organized, be more productive and focus on what they do best-run their business.

It's easy and even free to get started with Zoho. Signing up takes only a couple of minutes and most Zoho apps feature a free plan, it's not a trial that customers can use to get started.

Using their apps is easy and you won't need a computer expert to help you along the way. To learn more, check out

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