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Giving Teachers The Technological Tools To Succeed!

Article: Triumph Learning, LLC
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Giving Teachers The Technological Tools To Succeed!

Today's students are digitally adept, digesting the world through the filters of computers, smartphones and tablets. And classroom tools are keeping up with advancements, not only engaging students' minds, but keeping things simple for teachers.

Giving Teachers The Technological Tools To Succeed!

Education aims to ensure mastery of key skills and to help students become critical thinkers and problem solvers and people who can make important choices and important contributions.

Consider how pressed teachers are, the challenges they face as they attempt to meet the range of needs within their classrooms, the necessity for them to do more with less in a time of retrenchment. Then, take a parallel look at the environment today - the technology that surrounds us, the media/tech savvy of kids, how accustomed they are to clicking/viewing, to rich visual texture and speed. The tools of the classroom can pale in comparison to the world outside school. Technology is a must in the 21st century classroom, not only because schools must keep pace with the norms of the "outside world," but also because of technology's promise- its potential to engage students and its potential to streamline and make more effective the work of teachers.

And that's where "icore" comes in...

Triumph Learning?, publisher of icore, is dedicated to improving achievement on the part of all students, and recognizes the necessity of developing 21st century skills in students. They believe that digital curriculum is a potent and effective means of addressing the whole student-enabling educators to meet the varying learning styles, and learning levels, they interact with in the classroom daily. Teachers work with students whose entire young lives have been immersed in our century's media culture.

Today's students are digital naturals: They literally take in the world via the filter of computing devices- like smart phones, handheld gaming devices, PDAs and laptops (take anywhere)- plus, computers, TVs and game systems
(used at home).

icore was designed to help educators overcome these challenges. It helps teachers engage 21st century learners, and provides them with the tools they need to deliver standards-aligned content easily, and use pertinent data to drive instruction and meet the needs of every child in their classroom. And it's fun for students!
icore was also awarded a SIIA 2011 CODiE for Best K-12 Instructional Solution! To learn more, please visit

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