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Being At The 'Head' Of The Lettuce Class!

Article: Tanimura & Antle
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Artisan Lettuce For Standout Flavor, Health And Visual Appeal

Sure, lettuce can be a solid foundation for a salad. But those leafy greens are worth so much more. Find out unique methods for incorporating Artisan lettuce into meals for standout flavor, health and visual appeal.

Being At The 'Head' Of The Lettuce Class!

It's leafy. It's green. It's healthy and it can be tasty too. Have you guessed yet? We're talking- Lettuce!

For three generations Tanimura & Antle, Inc., growers of leafy green vegetables have been cultivating a variety of veggies, from lettuce and cauliflower to celery and sweet Italian red onions. They have gone straight to the "head" of the class by putting the 'art' into artisan lettuces and masterpiece meals.

Tanimura & Antle ArtisanĀ® Lettuce was developed to offer a unique variety of mature, petite whole head lettuces that offer an appetizing combination of flavor, texture and variety- a superior choice over bagged salads and other cut blends. A superior choice over bagged salads and other cut blends, these are proprietary seed varieties that our growers have developed to achieve unmatched flavor and texture combinations. Each protective clamshell is packed with a variety of red and green lettuces with unique textures and flavors for a truly versatile package of lettuce for salads, wraps and other meals.

Preparation and Recipe Tips for Artisan Lettuce:

To prepare Artisan Lettuce, simply cut off the ends of the lettuce and either keep the leaves whole to use as a wrap or cut one or two more times. Rinse in a colander under lukewarm water to open the pores of the lettuce and rehydrate it.

For perfect crispness crunch, place the colander in the fridge for about 30 minutes to crisp the lettuce. Another great way to enjoy Tanimura & Antle ArtisanĀ® Lettuce is grilled. Cut head in half, rinse and pat dry, brush with olive oil and place cut side down in a grill pan or directly on the BBQ.

Artisan Lettuce is the ideal start of any fresh salad. Once cut, rinsed and crisped, all you have to do is select your preferred toppings. You might want to try adding some protein (chicken, shrimp, sliced flank steak, cheese), something for crunch (nuts, seeds, celery, croutons), seasonal fruit for sweetness if you like and a simple vinaigrette-homemade or store bought.

Get inspired by checking out their collection of Artisan Lettuce recipes at, and

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