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A Natural Way To Reduce Bruises

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A Solution To Purpura

Dr. Joshua Berlin, MD, a dermatologist, joins The Balancing Act with an effective solution for those who suffer with an unsightly lesion called purpura. Along with two patients, Dr. Berlin discusses what can be done to reduce these embarrassing purple blotches by taking a supplement called Purpurex. A trial is set up in which one patient, not yet using Purpurex, will return to the show after a period of time to report on findings.

A Natural Way To Reduce Bruises

Many men and women over the age of fifty quietly suffer the unsightly embarrassment of irregular, dark purple blotches on their arms and legs- this is known as purpura.

Until just recently, there was no real effective solution for purpura other than avoiding activities that could cause the lesion.

Introducing Purpurex? from New Vitality. Purpurex? is a supplement clinically proven to reduce common bruises.

What causes of purpura?

? The symptoms can include the appearance of red or purple discolorations on the skin. Weakened capillaries can often result in blood pooling underneath the skin, causing large, dark, purple bruises and discoloration.

Purpurex? offers an innovative way to battle those embarrassing bruises! It's an exclusive, all-natural supplement that helps strengthen your blood vessels and keep skin clear.

In a landmark study, patients taking Purpurex? saw an 82% reduction in bruising against a placebo. Best of all, Purpurex? helps keep bruises from coming back so your skin stays clear and healthy!

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*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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