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Beauty And The Bar

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Too Old For Acne, Too Young For Wrinkles

Joining The Balancing Act is Dr. Jeremy Clapp, a scientist who has investigated an economical and effective method to clean our skin. Dr. Clapp also explains the difference between skin health and skin care, detoxification, and moisturizing. Also discussed are the prime, all natural ingredients of the Comora Beauty Bar, a special cleaning formulation that works on several levels to achieve clean, healthy skin.

Beauty And The Bar

When most women think about skin care a bar of soap is likely to be the last thing that comes to mind! That's because we've been trained throughout our lives to believe that effective products must be expensive and come in a fancy package. Thankfully, the Comora Beauty Bar is changing the face of skin care by offering an economical, easy solution that provides a variety of benefits to the skin. It's all part of their effort to encourage women everywhere to focus more on "skin health" instead of "skin care."

One of the biggest keys to skin health is detoxification, something that most other products simply don't address. Delivery of nutritional supplementation to the skin is also extremely important, and must occur at the proper pH to be effective. The Comoro Beauty Bar addresses both of these issues by using an array of all-natural ingredients to balance the metabolism of the skin.

Included in the formula are:

Tieffen Moor - Naturally detoxifies all the layers of the skin.

Algae extract - Provides nutrients to the skin.

Tea tree oil - One of nature's best anti-bacterial agents.

Natural moisturizers - Formulated to complement the action of the bar and work with all skin types.

The Comora Beauty Bar daily regimen only takes about 3 minutes to perform and could eliminate the need for 7 to 9 products from other companies, making healthy skin easy and affordable. When used as directed, Comora only costs about 75 cents per day and can also be used for a variety of other purposes besides facial skin care. The bar works wonders as a shampoo or shaving gel and has actually been shown to help remove cellulite as well! Some customers even use the bar to shampoo their dogs and report results that rival a professional groomer.

Change the way you think about skin care today by getting the one bar that delivers. For more information, go to

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