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The Secret To Making Education Exciting!

Article: Verizon Foundation
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Exciting Online Teaching Tool That's Free

Rose Stuckey-Kirk from the Verizon Foundation, and Katrina Allen from St. Philip's Academy discuss an exciting teaching tool online for parents and teachers called It's free and it has a wide range of educational resources for children K thru 12. wants to get your kids excited about learning, so there are fun educational games, pod casts, and videos. Plus, an online community where teachers, parents and administrators share ideas and discuss issues related to education.

The Secret To Making Education Exciting!

With schools all over the country suffering from budget cuts and parents always looking for ways to help their kids learn, The Verizon Foundation has stepped up to the plate with a free educational website dedicated to developing young minds. not only provides classroom resources, it also enables parents to challenge their kids during the summer months, and even keep them on track during the school year! It's a great example of how technology is changing the world and the way that future generations will learn and grow.

The best thing about is that it essentially levels the educational playing field, providing anyone with access to a computer world-class resources at no charge. Since introducing the website in 2007, Verizon has tapped into the nation's top educational organizations for material, including National Geographic, ReadWriteThink, and the JFK Center for the Performing Arts. Features include lesson plans, activities, worksheets, reference materials, podcasts, and interactive games that entice kids to learn. There's something for everyone on Thinkfinity, including free professional development webinars that help teachers integrate technology into their curriculum.

Besides educational materials, Thinkfinity also provides a valuable online community where teachers, parents, and administrators can gather to share ideas and discuss issues related to education. The "Thinkfinity Community" encourages positive collaboration and helps educators and parents organize their resources so that they are always just a click away. It is here that members create a network of colleagues and friends who can help each other when it comes to providing the most exciting educational experience for their students or children.

The secret to making education exciting has arrived - and it's completely free! Thinkfinity is changing the way that teachers teach, and parents are now better able to reinforce those lessons since they have easy access to the same materials. For any parent who's ever had trouble getting their child to focus on homework, or had to listen to their kids tell them how bored they are with school, Thinkfinity has the solution!

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