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Giving Your Stress- The 'Boot'..

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Daily Detoxification For Optimal Health & Wellness

Laura Pollina, spokesperson and Catherine Brandt, CEO of Rebootizer USA join The Balancing Act to look at how we can make our bodies work better by reducing oxidative stress. It's part of a lifestyle for looking and feeling healthier and younger. Removing toxins from your system does not have to be a gruesome, painful experience. It can be done naturally, at your body's own pace. It's called Rebootizer, and is the result of years of scientific research.

Giving Your Stress- The 'Boot'..

In recent years, "diet detoxification" has garnered quite a bit of public interest, inspiring thousands to suffer through painful fasting in hopes of losing weight and achieving optimal health. Even more have taken detox supplements that have powerful laxative effects, then spent hours in the bathroom in hopes that they will somehow manage to expel toxins from their body. The problem is, most of these programs not only eliminate toxins, they also remove vital nutrients from the body and cause lots of side effects!

Fortunately, now there is a way to safely and regularly remove toxins as they come into the body, instead of enduring a gruesome cleansing regimen that leaves you feeling worse than when you started. It's called the Rebootizer® Detox Shaker and it has already helped countless people across the country keep their bodies in tip-top shape. Unlike other detox supplements, Rebootizer® can be taken whenever it is needed, and is also commonly used as a monthly detoxification agent.

The secret is Rebootizer®'s proprietary MixPak® that holds purified water and a special blend of natural fruit and plant extracts separated until the moment they are needed. When it's time to "reboot," simply squeeze the bottom of the pouch to break the inner seal, shake for a few seconds, and then tear off the corner to drink. Instead of oxidizing while they sit on the shelf like other detox supplements, Rebootizer® ingredients stay potent and fresh for maximum bioavailability.

You can take Rebootizer® any time that your body is under "oxidative stress," which can occur for a variety of reasons including overindulgence in food, alcohol, or caffeine, and from smoking, stress, or even rigorous exercise. Take Rebootizer® after a night out on the town, before a long flight, or the first 6 days of the month for a general cleansing. You'll feel better, and you could even slow the aging process by eliminating the strain that toxins place on your body.

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