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Helping Loved Ones With Alzheimer's

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A Caregiver's Guide To Brain Nutrition

Richard S. Isaacson MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine discusses Alzheimer's disease; how it's diagnosed and what can be done to help loved ones with Alzheimer's. Also joining the show is a case study of an early diagnosis. A candid discussion reveals how families cope and aid the afflicted, including prescription medical food that helps brain function.

Helping Loved Ones With Alzheimer's

Chances are you've taken some sort of prescription medication at one point in your life - most likely in the form of a pill, tablet, or capsule. But did you know that there are also prescription "medical foods" that can be very beneficial to patients with certain diseases? Many ailments are treated using specialized nutrition that can't be obtained through a normal diet alone but can be ingested through carefully guided prescription supplementation.

One example is Alzheimer's disease, a condition that often robs its victims of their memory and cognitive function. The process is due to a defect known as cerebral hypometabolism which prevents patient's brains from metabolizing glucose. Without glucose for energy, the brain becomes malnourished and the patient can suffer from memory, thought, and language difficulties. Axona® is a prescription medical food that provides an alternative source of energy to the brain.

In clinical trials, Axona® was shown to safely improve cognitive function and memory in Alzheimer's sufferers, making it a great addition to a patient's existing therapy. Axona® is not a treatment for Alzheimer's, but it can be very effective in helping patients and caregivers manage the symptoms of the disease. For the millions of Americans living with Alzheimer's, this could mean a substantial improvement in their quality of life!

Axona® is made by Accera®, a pioneer in the field of medical food therapy for neurodegenerative diseases. In fact, Axona® is the very first commercialized product to address hypometabolism of glucose in Alzheimer's patients, a significant event in the history of the disease's treatment. Since hypometabolism can often be detected as much as 20 years prior to the symptoms of dementia, this type of therapy promises to change many lives for the better.

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