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Breakfast Of Champions!

Article: Tyson Foods, Inc
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Tyson Foods Supports The National School Breakfast Program

The Balancing Act visits Tyson Foods' Test Kitchen to learn about hot breakfasts for children available at school. School Breakfast Programs provide a critical service to children who are eligible for free or reduced price meals, and as a great alternative for parents and children on the go. A group of school kids taste test the Tyson Power Upz? Individually Wrapped Chicken Sausage Biscuits: an example of a convenient, nutritious and flavorful breakfast that provides the fuel to start a day of learning and activity.

Breakfast Of Champions!

It can be very difficult for busy parents to get their kids to eat breakfast in the morning, and if they do eat, it's usually some sort of sugary cereal or pastry. For many families, a hot, healthy breakfast is neither affordable nor practical, so kids end up missing out on the nutrition they need to start the day. Fortunately, thanks to a USDA initiative called the "National School Breakfast Program," children now have access to inexpensive breakfast items when they arrive at school.

To help support the program, Tyson has created hand held breakfast sandwiches called Power Upz? that make it easy for school food service directors to provide kids with a healthy breakfast.

More About Power Upz?:

* Power Upz? are made from a tender chicken sausage on a whole grain, honey wheat biscuit, and are individually wrapped for convenience.
* They are simple to heat and serve, fulfill student's needs for a hot, portable breakfast, and meet or exceed all of the strict USDA nutritional guidelines.

Sounds delicious, right? Exactly! Tyson designed Power Upz? to appeal to kids taste, but still contain all of the nutrients they need to maintain good health and perform well in school. In fact, studies have shown that kids who eat a healthy breakfast actually score higher on standardized tests and have better school attendance rates! They also tend to have a lower body mass index, and are more likely to develop positive life-long dietary habits.

If you don't have time to cook breakfast for your kids every day - don't despair! A healthy, delicious alternative could be waiting for them when they arrive at school.

To learn more about Tyson Power Upz?, and find out which Tyson meals are available at your local school, visit

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