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Article: Great Gift Ideas For A New Mother-to-be
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Delaying That Baby Shower Gift Purchase Because You Are Not Sure What To Buy?

Are you delaying that baby shower gift because you're just not sure what to buy? We've got some solutions that are not only cute and thoughtful, they're practical. We'll show you how to make a new mom's life a little easier, in this segment.

Mommy's Little Helper...

Shopping for a friend's baby shower can be a difficult task, especially when you don't know whether the child will be a boy or a girl. So to make things easier, try thinking practical!

Creating a gift basket of household items can be a big help to a new mom, and there's nothing better to hold it all together than a nice new laundry basket. Toss in a blanket and some baby towels, and you're off to a great start!

Next, add in some Biz Stain Fighter and Laundry Booster so that mom can easily remove all of those pesky baby stains like formula, spit up, and baby food. Biz contains a powerful blend of enzymes called EnzaMix that lifts stains from fabric and allows them to be washed away by your regular detergent. For really tough stains, Biz also works great as a pre-treatment or soaking agent and can even get out grass, blood, oil, and wine.

Throw in a few baby clothes-hangers, and your gift is complete! Now all of those cute little outfits will look as good as new, no matter what happens in-between laundry days. As the new baby grows and grows, Biz will do the dirty work, keeping whites white and clothes and blankets as good as new.

For the best baby shower gift, go with the formula moms have been using for generations to keep clothes looking their best - the Biz! For more information, or to download a money-saving coupon, go to

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