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Is Cleaning The Carpet On Your Laundry List?

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Removing Stains From Carpet And Upholstery

You've seen us solve your laundry quandaries. Now, we're helping to correct your dirty carpet conundrums. In this segment, we'll show you a simple, effective, and unique way to get your carpet looking as good as new, without having to call in a pro.

Is Cleaning The Carpet On Your Laundry List?

By now, everyone knows that the best way to get rid of tough laundry stains is with the power of Biz Stain Fighter and Laundry Booster. From grass and blood stains to oil and wine, Biz has you covered, but did you know that Biz can also remove stains all over the home and not just in the washing machine? That means that you won't have to buy a cart full of cleansers next time you're at the grocery store - Biz can do it all!

One of the toughest areas to keep clean in any house is the carpets - especially if you have kids or pets. From food spills to dirty little feet, keeping the carpet free from stains can be an uphill battle. The problem is, many of the products that are supposedly designed for carpet cleaning simply aren't as effective as they claim. That's where Biz can help! Simply mix up a stain-fighting solution of Biz, just like you would when using the product as a pre-treatment or soaking agent for clothing, and treat the stains.

You can easily remove upholstery stains the same way, or you could use the solution to brighten up old yellowed candles and even remove lipstick stains from inside your favorite handbag. When it comes time to do the laundry, simply add a scoop to your washing machine and watch Biz's powerful blend of enzymes, called EnzaMix, lift stains from fabrics and allow them to be washed away by your regular detergent. Biz is safe to use on all colors and fabrics, works great with high efficiency washing machines, and is even available in handy "Blast Packs" that eliminate the need for measuring.

Next time you're thinking about calling a professional carpet cleaner, think again! The answer to your woes may only be a few steps away in the laundry room. To learn more about the stain fighting power of Biz, or to download a money-saving coupon, go to

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