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Hair Loss Solutions For Women!

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A common side-effect of chemo is hair loss which can be difficult, psychologically, for many women. This morning Amy Gibson talks about ways to help women better understand and cope with their hair loss. She's here as a part of our "Hear Us Roar Healthy Living Series." For more information on Created Hair by Amy Gibson, visit

Hair Loss Solutions For Women!

Millions of women around the world are dealing with hair loss, whether it's due to cancer treatments, alopecia, iron deficiency, or stress. It's a difficult process to endure and can have a devastating effect on a woman's self esteem, but Amy Gibson from says "Remember girls, we're more than just hair!" She's compiled all of the most comfortable and stylish wigs available onto one website so that women experiencing hair loss can get their confidence back.

Gibson founded after spending decades wearing a wig due to hair loss from alopecia, a condition that robbed her of her hair at a very young age. By discovering the right wigs, she was able to feel like herself again, survive the dating scene, and even build a 20-year career as an actress! Now she uses her personal experience to help others cope with hair loss and determine the best solutions.

Unfortunately, alopecia sufferers like Gibson will never grow back their hair, but those who are experiencing baldness due to chemotherapy have a good chance of re-growth after treatment has ended. Gibson encourages these ladies to stay positive and use wigs to keep their spirits up during the healing process. Finding a wig that matches your personality and makes you feel like a woman is very important to surviving the emotional process that happens during treatment.

Today's wigs are much more advanced than they used to be, Gibson says. They are light-weight, comfortable, and best of all - discreet. So much so that many women never reveal them to their suitors! Gibson discusses the secrets to intimacy while wearing a wig in her new book Sex, Wigs, & Whispers. The publication is a guide to "Sex and Intimacy with your Wig On... Without Your Partner Finding Out."

Aside from being cleverly made, modern wigs also offer a variety of looks to suit any aspect of a woman's day, from office work and meetings to dinner and dancing. To find out more about these attractive hair loss solutions, go to

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