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Have Fun While Raising Money For Your School Or Charity!

Article: Chuck E. Cheese's
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Chuck E. Cheese's Helps Raise Money For Schools And Charities

When Chuck E. Cheese's first open their doors, it was a company dedicated to children's entertainment. But these days, they're about helping kids in whole new way - raising much-need money for schools and charities.

Have Fun While Raising Money For Your School Or Charity!

Chuck E. Cheese's®, everyone's favorite family entertainment center, is now giving away more than just toys and tickets. With a Chuck E Cheese Fundraising Event, schools and charitable organizations can raise money while parents, teachers, and kids enjoy delicious food and fun. Chuck E. Cheese himself will even come to your school on the day of the event to help generate more excitement!

Creating a fund-raising event is easy and does not require any selling or extra work for teachers or administrators. Any elementary school or non-profit organization that benefits children under the age of 12 can contact Chuck E. Cheese to receive a free packet of promotional materials. Included are 2 full-color posters, letters to parents and teachers, and stickers for each child that can be redeemed for 10 free tokens on the night of the event. A free meal is even offered to teachers with a valid school ID to thank them for their support and attendance!

15% of all sales generated during the event, including food, drinks, tokens, and merchandise, are donated to the school or organization, with a total of over $5.5 million given back so far. There is no cost involved and no requirement for teachers, administrators, or parents to work during the event. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the food and fun while your local elementary school, scouting group, sports organization, or charity earns much-needed funding.

Chuck E. Cheese's® has always taken an active roll in supporting education and charitable organizations within their local communities. In addition to their fund-raising events, they also offer achievement programs that allow parents to reward kids with tokens when they complete their homework, clean their room, or receive good grades.

To find out more about Chuck E. Cheese's® go to, or to get more information about their fundraising programs, visit

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