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A Sound Body And Mind Is 'Childs Play'...

Article: Gymboree Play Programs, Inc.
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Jennifer Pardo, Owner & Manager of Gymboree play and music, visits The Balancing Act studio to tell us why it is so important to get our children moving! Their specially designed environments help children develop and thrive physically, cognitively and socially.

A Sound Body And Mind Is 'Childs Play'...

Adults and children are more sedentary today than ever before, which is one reason why obesity has ravaged the health of our nation. Children who engage in positive activity when they are young, however, set a foundation for good habits and health throughout their lives. Many parents don't realize that simple play can help their child's body and mind while developing an active approach to learning and life.

Gymboree® is a place where parents and kids can spend quality time together in a playful and active setting. Whether it's play, music, art, or sports, each and every Gymboree® class is designed to exercise the "whole child," and always includes their favorite play partners - mom and dad! Even the simplest activities can be very beneficial to your child, including:

? Crawling towards a ball (endurance)
? Climbing up a ramp (strength)
? Reaching up to catch a floating bubble (balance and flexibility)

As you play together with your child, you'll be helping them stretch their growing body, and also stretch their mind. After all, studies have shown that young children who routinely engage in physically activity sleep better and are better able to handle physical and emotional challenges, meaning exercise and mental well-being are deeply connected. Other benefits include:

? Stronger muscles and bones
? Less chance of obesity
? Stronger immune system
? Better outlook on life!

Giving your kids the gift of a sound body and mind is as easy as "child's play!" Gymboree® provides a safe, fun and intimate environment were families can explore the benefits of active play together.

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