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Keep Your Trash Bag From Falling Into The Can!

Article: Can Straps
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Can Straps

We've all had our trash bags slip and fall into the can. Now, finally, a solution to that common problem. In this segment, we're checking out a great, new invention. We'll show you how to keep your bag from slipping, how to maximize the room for waste in your garbage can, and tips for keeping your trash from getting stinky.

Keep Your Trash Bag From Falling Into The Can!

There's nothing more annoying than tossing something into the trash, only to find that the bag has slipped into the can and disappeared under a pile of stinky garbage! Tired of loose trash bags and their messy mishaps, inventor Robert Roscow devised a solution that he calls Can Straps®, a simple and effective way to keep your trash problems "in the bag."

Can Straps® are stretchy bands that fasten tightly over a trash can to prevent the bag from falling down when garbage is thrown in. Unlike rubber bands and other elastic cords, Can Straps® wrap around your trash can and fasten together using a 4" strip of Velcro, making them easy to install and adjust. Can Straps® come in four different sizes so that you can keep everything from a small vanity wastebasket to a 55 gallon drum tight and clean.

Not only do Can Straps® make life easier by eliminating saggy trash bags, they can also help save the environment! Since Can Straps® allow the user to put more trash into the bag, less bags are used and less plastic ends up in our land-fills. In fact, if every household in America saved just one bag per week, it would add up to over 6 billion bags a year, or over 100,000 tons of plastic!

Can Straps® are washable, reusable, and so durable they will most likely outlast your trash can. They are made in the U.S.A. and are currently used in homes, schools, offices, and medical facilities all over the country. Find out how to keep your trash bag from falling into the can at

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