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Necessity Is The Mother Of All Invention...

Article: Davison
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The Davison Method Is The New Standard Of Inventing

We all have great ideas. Ideas that maybe, just maybe could make life a little easier for everyone. Problem is, how do you bring those ideas to life? In this segment we're checking out an easy way to turn your would-be invention into a real-life product. You'll learn all about a simple system that could earn you a big paycheck, just for getting creative.

Necessity Is The Mother Of All Invention...

Every day people all over the world have amazing ideas - dreams of how to make life easier with an invention of their own design. Many of these dreams never come to fruition because the process of bringing them to life seems too complex and expensive to the inventor. One pioneer in the field named George Davison, now dubbed the "Henry Ford of inventing" has devised a way to make the process simpler and less costly so that anyone can have the opportunity to see their dreams come true!

He calls his idea the Davison? Inventing Method, a concept that has allowed many people to actually profit from their ideas very quickly when compared to conventional methods. Taking his inspiration from Ford, Edison, and Disney, Davison built a factory where invention prototypes are built and tested, then presented to companies to be licensed and marketed. He currently produces 8-10 new inventions every day!

According to Davison, the biggest misconception about inventing is that you need to spend thousands of dollars to patent your idea before showing it to anyone. This in itself prevents most people from pursuing their dreams. With the Davison? Method, however, it is completely free to sign a confidentiality agreement. After you have a product sample made and a company interested in your invention, Davison and his team can show you how to have that company secure the patent for you.

The need for innovation will always exist, and as long as it does, inventors will continue to dream up ways to solve our problems and make our lives easier. Now anyone who has an idea can turn that vision into a reality and profit as well!

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