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Try Some 'Boo-tiful' & Sweet Halloween Treats!

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Sweet Revolution: Cooking Without Sugar

It's a sweet revolution. Chef Ozzie from Heartland Sweeteners is back in our kitchen showing us some amazing, sweet, and sugar-free Halloween treats, no tricks. We're cooking with the brand new Ideal Confectionery - the healthy substitute for powdered sugar.

Try Some 'Boo-tiful' & Sweet Halloween Treats!

With Halloween right around the corner, parents everywhere are bracing themselves for the emotional roller coaster ride of kids and sugary holiday treats. Too much sugar can cause intense hyper-activity followed by exhaustion, irritability, and even tears, but this year there's a new way to celebrate Halloween without the sugar "crash!"

Not only do sugary foods make kids cranky, they also cause cavities and can even lead to childhood obesity and a number of other related health concerns. That's why Ideal® has developed the first powdered sugar substitute that allows moms to cook seriously sweet treats with less calories and sugar content. It measures cup for cup just like regular confectionery sugar, making time spent in the kitchen short and sweet.

The main ingredient in Ideal® is Xylitol, a naturally occurring substance that is found in fruits and vegetables and has even been shown to be beneficial for teeth. Ideal® Confectionery is made with Ideal® Sweetener and cornstarch, so it tastes and performs just like traditional powdered sugar. In fact, testing has shown that people actually prefer the flavor of Ideal® to that of regular sugar!

This Halloween, keep your kid's sugar consumption to a minimum with Ideal® Confectionery and these helpful holiday recipes:

Dirt Pudding:

2 pkg. sugar free Oreos
8 ounces fat free cream cheese
½ cup butter substitute
2 pkg. sugar free instant vanilla pudding (or chocolate if preferred)
1 container sugar free Cool Whip
2 cups fat free milk
1 cup Ideal® Confectionery
1 tsp. vanilla
Optional: gummy worms/bugs, cookies for "gravestones"

Crush cookies and set aside. Beat together cream cheese and butter substitute. Add vanilla pudding and cool whip; mix in milk, Ideal® Confectionery, and vanilla. Layer crushed cookies and mixture into a 9x13 dish. Top with cookies. Chill at least 2 hours.

Buttercream Frosting for Halloween Cookies:

6 Tbs. (3/4 stick) unsalted butter, softened
2 c. Ideal® Confectionery
3 Tbs. fat-free milk
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

Beat butter in medium bowl until creamy. Add Ideal® Confectionery, gradually alternating with milk until frosting reaches desired consistency for spreading. Stir in vanilla extract. Tip: During warmer and humid seasons, replace 3 tablespoons butter with 3 tablespoons solid vegetable shortening. Prepare your favorite cookie recipe, substituting Ideal® Sweetener for sugar. Cool cookies and top with Buttercream frosting.

For more information, including a free coupon for Ideal® and lots of low-sugar recipes, go to

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