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Don't Let Your Kids Slip Into The "Summer Slide"...

Article: Tenmarks Education, Inc
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Benefits To Summer Step-Up Program From Tenmarks

Don't Let Your Kids Slip Into The "Summer Slide"...

In today's turbulent economic times, government agencies are continuously cutting back funding for important programs, including many dollars designated for education. School administrators are forced to make cuts, and often times summer learning programs are the first to go. During the summer months kids lose valuable skills that must be re-taught at the beginning of the next year, but with TenMarks Education and The Balancing Act, summer learning can be easy and fun!

TenMarks has developed an online program to help students in grades 3-10 practice mathematics during the summer months and avoid the "summer slide." It only takes about 15-30 minutes a couple times a week to see noticeable results in your child's math skills, and it's easy to get your kids interested with features like:

? Convenient online format appeals to today's kids that are accustomed to working and playing on the internet
? Personalized curriculum makes the material relevant to your child
? Thousands of appealing 3-5 minute math videos
? On-demand hints and videos when help is needed
? Students have the capability to pause and save their work for later
? Fun games to play after your child completes a section
? Optional incentive program can be set up by parents with rewards for achievement, like pizza parties, Disney World, etc.

The programs are affordable for families of all income levels, with tutorials starting as low as $10 per month! TenMarks firmly believes that all children, no matter what school they attend, what state they reside in, or what income they benefit from, should have access to quality math instruction any time it is needed.

With American kids continuing to rank lower in math and science than kids in other countries, TenMarks will not only help your kids avoid the "summer slide," but could also help them stay competitive and viable in the future. A few minutes online now could really pay off later when our future businesspeople, educators, and leaders need to face the harsh realities of a world that grows smaller every day.

Find out how easy, fun, and affordable TenMarks web-based interactive learning programs can be by visiting their website,

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