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Sam's Club- Maximizing The Club Warehouse Experience

Article: Sam's Club
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The Warehouse Shopping Advantage

Sam's Club- Maximizing The Club Warehouse Experience

Sam's Club is known around the country as a convenient one-stop shopping experience that offers lower prices than traditional grocery stores. However, many people may not realize that they offer incredible savings on a vast array of products: health, beauty, furnishings, office supplies, jewelry and more. That's in addition to the high-quality meat, seafood, poultry, produce and wine!

Viewers will see how Beth stocks up on items for her new home with the help of Uriel Hernandez at a Sam's Club in South Florida. She needed to get new items for her kitchen and bedroom but was feeling the pinch in her wallet as well as her husband's concern about the expense. Not only did she find items such as a television at a great price, she picked up some beautiful steaks to treat her family to a delicious, affordable meal.

Sam's Club is a warehouse shopping experience that is not limited to buying large tubs of mayonnaise. They have everything from home electronics to gifts for family and friends; best of all, they're affordable for today's cost-conscious shopper. Sam's Club has also helped customers with new programs that will help them save time and money: Sam's Cooking Club and the eValues? program.

The cooking club is a fun way for friends to pool their funds and their skills to create family meals. Putting delicious, nutritious food on the table can be fun, economical and easy with the instruction and recipes located at For more information about how Sam's Club members can save even more money with the eValues program, visit

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