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A Holiday Picture Isn't Complete- Without Saying Cheese!

Article: Formaggio Italian Cheese Specialties, Inc.
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Fabulous Ideas For Award Winning Appetizers & Platters For The Holidays

A Holiday Picture Isn't Complete- Without Saying Cheese!

The Balancing Act shows viewers how to transform the cheese and crackers staple of entertaining into a gourmet experience. Viewers will get expert- and easy - tips in the kitchen thanks to chef Anthony Mongiello.

Known as "The Big Cheese", Mongiello is the CEO of Formaggio Italian Cheese Specialties, Inc. He knows his cheese and offers viewers fabulous recipes for appetizers and platters that will delight family and friends. For holiday entertaining, food that is easy-to-make and easy-to-afford is on the top of our priority list. At the same time, we want to serve food that is flavorful, convenient and creative. The solution? Tune in to The Balancing Act for the expert tips and recipes from The Big Cheese!

For a sneak peek, here are a few of Mongiello's recipes that he shares on the show:

Marinated Mozzarella & Tomato Salad

Anthony strains the mozzarella and reserves the oil. Then he splits the oil because part of it will go back into the mozzarella and the other part will be whisked with balsamic vinegar. He pours a container of cherry tomatoes into the mozzarella balls and voila, he has created the perfect holiday appetizer. The marinade is also a perfect dipping sauce for crispy slices of bread.

? Cherry Tomatoes
? Balsamic Vinegar
? 3 clear glass bowls and a whisk
? Make sure cheese is at room temperature
? Italian Bread for dipping
? Pair of Tongs
? Mixing Spoon - preferably wood.


Unwrap brie and place it on a plate. Top it with the almonds and cranberry sauce after it has been heated in the microwave oven. It's gorgeous and delicious!

? Beautiful Plate - red or green
? Microwave oven
? Assortment of crackers
? Assortment of bagel chips
? Cheese Knife

Just Add Lettuce

Anthony uses a screen that's used when frying bacon and places it over a bowl, then empties the contents of the Just Add Lettuce jar onto/through the screen. After that he simply mixes it with lettuce and serves it on a festive plate.

? Bagged Lettuce x 4 - Romaine is best
? Splatter Screen Guard for frying pan.
? Tongs

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Newsletter article: A Holiday Picture Isn't Complete- Without Saying Cheese!