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Throwing Everything On Your Lap- Is Creative Essentials!

Article: Creative Essentials, LLC
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Throwing Everything On Your Lap- Is Creative Essentials!

Today's busy woman is balancing work, parenting, commuting and more. How to fit a few more hours of productivity into a mobile lifestyle? The Balancing Act found the perfect solution from Creative Essentials, LLC.

The Balancing Act is all about trying to help viewers create a harmonious balance in their lives, and the show's producers have discovered a creative way to "balance" personal computers on their laps thanks to the LapGear? products. Lapdesks are a perfect solution for an on-the-go work surface that helps multi-tasking moms take advantage of every minute in the day.

Idling in the carpool line at school; waiting in a doctor's office for your appointment; sitting in the airport before a flight. These are all down-times that can be productive thanks to the comfortable, ergonomic designs of the lapdesks made by Creative Essentials. To demonstrate the many uses, and stylish options, Kristopher Jennings is a special guest on the show.

For laptop computer users, Jennings recommends the CoolSurf lapdesks because they have fans and heat barriers that make the mobile work station a more practical solution. There are also products that are ideal for those who just need a sturdy solution for writing, taking notes or drawing. In other words, kids, students and adults can all use a lapdesk to maximize their time when they don't have access to a traditional desk.

Known as The Original Lap Desk Company, Creative Essentials is a family-run business that takes pride in its integrity as well as the durability of its products. The team at The Balancing Act loves the practicality of the lapdesk and is delighted by the ways that theses lapdesks can be customized with various colors, college logos or personal messages. For more information, visit

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