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Exercise Your Online Rights- To Pilate!

Article: Essence Pilates
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Low-cost Pilates For Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Viewers will learn about a revolutionary new type of Pilates: Essence Pilates On-Line that combines the health of a Pilates work-out with the power of the internet through its on-line courses. Founders of Essence Pilates On-Line will demonstrate some Pilates techniques and offer insights on how to use this new approach to manage our own health conveniently and economically.

Exercise Your Online Rights- To Pilate!

Pull up your mats to your monitor's ladies! Essence Pilates has come up with an innovative internet exercise program that will burn those calories, without burning a hole in your wallet! Essence Pilates are online classes that stream directly to your computer-and right to your home!

The Balancing Act Hosts, Beth and Kristy were in for a thrill of a Lifetime when Essence Pilates owner, Marilee Papale joined them on the show and put their Pilate skills to the test!

Excited to talk about her streaming workouts- Marilee says, "Essence Pilates online classes are a low-cost alternative to health clubs and studio's-especially in these economic times."

Essence Pilates can be done in the comfort of your own home, so you and your mat can get the quality one-on-one time you deserve! With Essence Pilates online classes-you'll get a workout that's simplified, and steps that are broken down individually. That way it makes each exercise easier to learn, and easier to do it the right way.

One of the best features of this exercise program is that it also caters to anyone who is a frequent traveler. You can put your mind at ease knowing you won't miss a workout- as your Essence Pilate classes are only a desktop, or a laptop away.

Another great benefit of the online classes is if you have a favorite routine- you can take it over as many times as you want. YOU are running the class!
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