No Sweat With Secret Clinical Strength

Fearlessness. Apply daily.

Busy women need protection they can rely on. They don’t have time to worry whether or not their antiperspirant and/or deodorant is holding up. Join us, as Dr. Rolanda Johnson recommends Secret Clinical Strength on this video clip of The Balancing Act.

The Balancing Act

The 'Secret' to Dry Underarms!

Shhhhh... here's the 'secret' to getting three layers of protection!

Everybody sweats, especially in the summertime or during physical activity, but even outside the gym 23% of women perceive themselves as “very heavy” or “somewhat heavy” sweaters. Stress, hormones, and emotions can all affect sweat gland activity, and the result is embarrassing wet spots on clothes and even foul odors.

For many the issue is so severe that it can be classified as a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. There is even a non-profit organization, called the International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHHS), whose sole purpose is to help people who suffer from excessive sweating. The IHHS only endorses one over-the-counter product for underarm sweat reduction: Secret Clinical Strength® Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant!

Secret Clinical Strength® contains the maximum amount of anti-perspirant ingredients available without a prescription, and offers three layers of protection:

  1. Clinically proven wetness protection: Anti-perspirants are drawn into the sweat glands, forming “plugs” that reduce the flow of perspiration.
  2. Odor fighting capsules: Absorb odor and release a light scent all day to keep you smelling clean and fresh.
  3. Skin soothing conditioners: Keep skin smooth and healthy and help to prevent irritation.

Many prescription alternatives contain Aluminum Chloride and alcohol, which can irritate the skin considerably. Secret Clinical Strength® provides strong protection without damaging or drying the skin, and is available in four different formulas to satisfy every woman’s needs, an option that prescription formulas can’t provide.

Secret Clinical Strength® is applied at night before bedtime, when the body is at its most natural temperature and receptive to forming a strong barrier against perspiration. A second application in the morning creates a waterproof seal that continues to stop sweat even in heat, humidity, or after being in water!

So what’s the secret to dry underarms? Secret Clinical Strength® Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant! For more information go to