Rare Disease Special

The Balancing Act – Rare Disease Day Special. Shining the spotlight on rare diseases such as Hunter’s Syndrome and ATTR – Alnylam Amyloidosis. Plus we attend the Global Genes Summit & Gala to celebrate those most afflicted. Battling a rare medical condition that’s often misdiagnosed. Imagine having a rare, debilitating disease that’s passed down through families. Dr. John Berk, Associate Professor of Medicine at Boston University… and Clinical Director of its Amyloidosis Center, joins us to discuss the medical condition called Transthyretin-Mediated Amyloidosis .. or ATTR. Its symptoms are similar to other conditions and ATTR patients are very often misdiagnosed. We’ll discuss symptoms, family connections and treatment options, in this Behind the Mystery: Rare & Genetic segment. And meet Dylan Duncan, who’s battling the disease.
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