To help your company get the word out about your involvement with The Balancing Act, we have put together a few items that will help you get started.

Any use of this material must be submitted to The Balancing Act for approval prior to use.

Please contact your Project Manager directly for approvals on promotional materials.

Press Releases

If you are releasing your own Press Release, it needs to be approved by BrandStar‘s Brand Service Department.

When using Lifetime Television® in reference to The Balancing Act in the Press Release, it needs to be represented as such (shown below).

General Guidelines for Press Releases

All promotional material must be approved in writing by The Balancing Act prior to release. For information on this process please contact

‘The Balancing Act airing on Lifetime Television®

‘Lifetime’s The Balancing Act or Lifetime TV’

Logos & Marks General Guidelines

  • Lifetime logo cannot be used on its own, and has to be used in conjunction with The Balancing Act logo.
  • Lifetime logo needs to be smaller in size then The Balancing Act logo.
  • The words “airing on” or “airs on” need to appear before the Lifetime logo.



Download The Balancing Act Logo   |   Download “Airing on Lifetime” Logo

Copy the following code to insert this logo into your site.

Submitting Banners for Display on The Balancing Act’s Web

As part of the banner exchange, The Balancing Act will post your banner to our website. Please send an email to with your banner ad, the URL you want it to link to and your company name.

Please follow the below specifications to ensure proper function:

  • Pixel size: 300 × 250
  • The banner must be in one of the following formats: .gif, .jpg, or .png.
  • The URL of the Web site to direct the viewer to when they click the banner.
    URL may contain tracking code from your server if so desired.

Banners for Web

The following banners may be used on your Web site to promote your company appearing on The Balancing Act. The following banners have been approved and may not be altered. If you need a different size or wish to change the banner, it will have to go through an approval process.  For information on this process please contact us at


Copy the following code to insert this 728×90 banner into your site.


Copy the following code to insert this 300×250 banner into your site.


Copy the following code to insert this 300×600 banner into your site.