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"The Balancing Act" Talks Advanced Breast Cancer On Lifetime TV

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Published: October 23, 2012
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Featured guests from Biopharma Scientific, Jamaican Teas and SHARE take center stage


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"The Balancing Act" Talks Superfood Supplements, Caribbean Tea and Advanced Breast Cancer on Lifetime TV

Featured guests from Biopharma Scientific, Jamaican Teas and SHARE take center stage

(Pompano Beach, FL - October 19, 2012) Popular morning show "The Balancing Act®" on Lifetime has set the stage to discuss topics to empower women's health, wellness and community on their upcoming show airing on Monday, October 22nd at 7 a.m. (ET/PT) on Lifetime TV. Be sure to tune in as hosts Danielle and Kristy help jump start the day with animated conversations and important health and wellness information.

Don't miss our line-up of this show's featured guests:

? SHARE gives voice to Count Us, Know Us, Join Us - The Count Us, Know Us, Join Us program, sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, provides resources to those living with advanced breast cancer and their supporters. Count Us, Know Us, Join Us lives on the newly re-launched that now serves as a destination of up-to-date information, and resources specific to advanced breast cancer. Breast Cancer Program Director Christine Benjamin from SHARE, a nonprofit organization that provides support to women with breast or ovarian cancer, and advanced breast cancer patient Kathy Hynes-Kadish joined The Balancing Act® host on set to share their experience as part of the advanced breast cancer community.

? Nanogreens10® Superfood Supplements with Biopharma Scientific - All our bodies need the recommended 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day - but they still may not be absorbing all of the nutrients they need! Nanogreens,10® a nutritional superfood supplement from BioPharma are 100% plant based and free of GMO's, pesticides, hormones, fillers and artificial sweeteners, and fully bioavailable through their patented absorption technique "Supersorb®." BioPharma's supplements use their SuperSorb® delivery system which maximizes the amount of nutrition our bodies can get. Certified Fitness Instructor and Sports Nutritionist Kristin Neudorfer and host Danielle Knox "shake up" nanogreens10® on air. Join The Balancing Act® to talk about how your body can get all the nutrients it needs through superfood supplements.

? Jamaican Teas - Sugar has been linked to a variety of different diseases such as diabetes and cancer, and also obesity. That's why many people have to monitor their sugar intake. One of the things these people may have eliminated is tea. Marketing Manager of Jamaica Teas, Jonathan Mahfood joins The Balancing Act® to reveal how tea can be beneficial and still taste great- even on a sugar free diet.

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