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180 Body Clinic Showcases 180 Targeted Thermogenics On "The Balancing Act?" On Lifetime TV

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Published: October 08, 2012
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180 Body Clinic Showcases 180 Targeted Thermogenics on The Balancing Act®? on Lifetime TV

180 Body Clinic Showcases 180 Targeted Thermogenics on The Balancing Act® on Lifetime TV

(Pompano Beach, FL, September 25, 2012) 180 Body Clinic, manufacturers of 180 Targeted Thermogenics, will be featured on the empowering women's morning show The Balancing Act® on Lifetime Television. Make sure to tune in on Wednesday, September 12th at 7 am (ET/PT) as The Balancing Act welcomes Health Advisor Jessica Morgan.

Jessica Morgan educated viewers on the sobering truth of weight loss, covering all aspects such as factors that affect metabolisms and why certain people have faster metabolisms than others, what not do to for weight loss, how to reduce body fat, and how to lose those "stubborn areas."

180 Targeted Thermogenics is a fat burning matrix whose key ingredients are shown to increase the release of fat burning hormones and reduced appetite in an all natural process. Achieving weight loss can be a difficult but Morgan assures viewers who set reasonable goals and work on improving self esteem will succeed.

"Maintaining a healthy weight at any age takes a lot of effort and it significantly gets harder as you get older," says Doug Campbell, Founder and Executive VP of Programming for The Balancing Act®. "We are happy 180 Body Clinic was able to share the right way to tackle weight loss and offer viewers an all natural alternative to diets."

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