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Alignmed's EBA Posture Shirt Featured On "The Balancing Act" On Lifetime TV

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Published: August 17, 2012
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"Evidence Based Apparel" garment works with muscles to assist with balance and alignment


Alignmed's EBA Posture Shirt Featured on "The Balancing Act"
on Lifetime TV

"Evidence Based Apparel" garment works with muscles to assist with balance and alignment

(Pompano Beach, FL - August 14, 2012) Alignmed's EBA Posture Shirt? will be featured on the popular women's empowerment show "The Balancing Act" on Lifetime Television. Make sure to tune in to "The Balancing Act" airing on Monday, August 20th at 7 a.m. (ET/PT) on Lifetime TV as Bill Schultz, CEO shows viewers how this "Evidence Based Apparel" can help improve back and joint discomfort.

Schultz talks about The EBA Posture Shirt?, a form-fitting garment that works with the natural properties of muscles to assist with balance and keeping joints aligned. The garment can reduce muscle fatigue throughout the day and diminish the chance of injury being brought on by repetitive motions and awkward positions.

The EBA Posture Shirt? is a simple and economic solution for muscle and joint improvement and to improve joint pain. The garment was subjected to the same approval process as a drug would be with proven evidence and clinically validated effectiveness. The EBA Posture Shirt? can be worn all day, it's comfortable and easy to put on. No prescription is necessary to purchase.

"So many people today have back and joint discomfort that we're very happy to be able to provide them a simple solution to their pain with Alignmed's EBA Posture Shirt?", says Doug Campbell, Founder and Executive VP of Programming for "The Balancing Act."

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