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Brock Beauty Repairs Hair Wear And Tear On "The Balancing Act" On Lifetime TV

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Published: June 27, 2012
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Hair and Skin care company features Natural Hairfinity ®

Hair and Skin care company features Natural Hairfinity ®

(Pompano Beach, FL - June 25, 2012) A healthy head of hair is one of the goals of Brock Beauty, Inc., an innovative natural hair and skin care company. Make sure to tune in on June 27th at 7 am (ET/PT) on "The Balancing Act" on Lifetime TV as special guest television host and Brock Beauty representative Stephanie Bauer joins the show.

The June airing is Brock's first in a four part mini-series as part of the "Health and Wellness" series featuring hair and skincare topics.

Brock Beauty uses safe, organic ingredients to formulate their natural products and runs on the philosophy that beauty starts from within. In this first episode of the series, Bauer talks to viewers about hair loss and thinning hair. Most hair loss is caused by daily wear and tear such as excessive blow drying, breakage or vitamin deficiency.

Hairfinity,® a vitamin supplement for hair, promotes healthy hair growth and maintenance. Bauer also engages viewers in a true or false quiz, dispelling common myths about hair such as whether trimming helps hair growth faster and thicker.

"We are thrilled to have Brock Beauty join "The Balancing Act". Women everywhere want to know how to prevent hair loss and how to keep their hair as shiny and healthy as possible. We look forward to their upcoming solutions to other hair and skincare issues as well", says Doug Campbell, Executive Vice President of Programming "The Balancing Act".

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