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FURminator Solves Wet Dog Dilemma On "The Balancing Act" On Lifetime TV

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Published: August 22, 2012
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Viewers learn tips, tricks and techniques for keeping pets happy and healthy
with FUR Dry


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FURminator Solves Wet Dog Dilemma on "The Balancing Act" on Lifetime TV

Viewers learn tips, tricks and techniques for keeping pets happy and healthy with FUR Dry

(Pompano Beach, FL - August 16, 2012) Pet parents understand how difficult it can be to keep a wet dog from ruining furniture or flooring. Make sure to tune in to the popular morning show "The Balancing Act?" on Tuesday, August 21st at 7 am (ET/PT) airing on Lifetime TV as United Pet Group introduces FURminator's FUR Dry, a new solution to protecting your home from a wet pet.

Featured guest Professional Groomer and FURminator spokesperson, Chris Lee, will appear on the upcoming episode to educate viewers about FUR Dry as part of FURminator's 4-part mini- series on pet care and grooming.

FURminator provides a line of grooming, de-shedding and pet solution tools. Lee will demonstrate and describe FUR Dry, the answer to the "Wet Dog Dilemma" when a pet comes running into the house dripping wet from the pool or bath, stands in the middle of the living room to shake off the water and then heads straight for the couch.

FUR Dry is a patented, microfiber absorbent wrap that will dry your dog quickly as it absorbs moisture from their fur. Easy to put on your pet, FUR Dry comes in five different sizes to fit every type of dog.

"We are pleased to participate in the "Balancing Act" on Lifetime TV," said Cathy Heimberger, Furminator Marketing Director. "Its' audience fits our demographic of concerned, informed pet parents who are interested in quality products."

To find out more about FUR Dry and other FURminator pet products, please visit their website at

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