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Mitel Networks Plugs In Virtual Offices On "The Balancing Act" On Lifetime TV

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Published: July 02, 2012
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Mitel's Innovative Communications Technology Connects Businesses with Virtual Offices

Mitel's Innovative Communications Technology Connects Businesses with Virtual Offices

Pompano Beach, FL - July 2, 2012) Statistics show that approximately 34 million people work from their homes at least occasionally. Mitel Networks Corp. will make their second appearances on "The Balancing Act" on Lifetime TV on July 5th at 7 am (ET/PT) to discuss how easy it is to plug in and go to work.

This is the second segment in a 4-part mini-series on innovative advances in business communications systems including the virtual office.

By 2016, the virtual office workforce will double. Leaders of businesses of all sizes realize that employees can be just as productive if not more so working virtually. Special guest, Stephen Beamish, VP Corporate Marketing & Business Development at Mitel Networks will show "The Balancing Act" viewers
advances in communications solutions such as their cordless phone which allows travel up to 100 feet.

Beamish will also show viewers in real time using his own laptop, how to launch a collaboration session with fellow business people anytime, anywhere. This feature lets one know if their contact is on the phone, in the office or ready to connect.

"It's a pleasure having Mitel Networks on the show once again. So many people are working out of their homes now. Mitel is providing very important as well as timely information to our viewers," says Doug Campbell, "The Balancing Act" Founder and Executive VP of Programming.

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