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The Parent Teacher Corner - The Balancing Act Partners with Education

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Our children must be prepared to compete globally within 21st century classrooms, staffed with teachers skilled with state-of-the-art resources. The series examines the educational landscape that includes curriculum and technology, as well as the actions parents can take to be more involved in their children's education. Select members of The Learning First Alliance such as the National Association of Elementary School Principals, American Association of School Administrators, International Society for Technology in Education, the National PTA and the National Association of Secondary School Principals join us in this venture.


Autism in Action

1 in every 110 boys has autism. One of the biggest challenges for school.



WriteSteps is a program designed by a former classroom teacher to help make teaching writing simple.


LENA Research Foundation

In this segment we meet with Mia Moe, mother of 3, to discuss how you can help increase your child's IQ.


Teacher Created Materials

Motivate kids to read this summer and start a new school year with fresh knowledge.


Mobile Education Store

Mobile Education Store develops language apps for the iPhone and iPad. These apps teach.


MANGO Math Group LLC

Math anxiety can multiply over the years, but a little fun and games can be the solution to the problem.


Sprint Communications Company

Parental Responsibilities In Today's Digital World: Are you paying attention?.


The Flexibilty and Power of On-line Learning

In this segment we meet with Ron Packard, CEO of K12 as he explains the concept of on-line learning.


Supporting Our Teachers with On-line Resources and Parental Involvement

Joining the Balancing Act are Candace Hackett Shively, Rob Monson, and Joan Jarrett.


Understanding Meningitis: Prevention, Risks and Diagnosis

Understanding meningitis, its symptoms and how to prevent it.


Be a Reader

Studies show lower income and minority children are more likely to struggle to achieve basic levels of reading proficiency.


Giving Teachers the Technological Tools to Succeed!

Tools for a 21st-century classroom that keeps kids engaged and teachers on the cutting edge of technology.


21st Century Schools Initiative

The Jefferson Parish Public School System in Louisiana discusses how Cisco is changing the approach to education and providing hope to student in New Orleans with their 21st Century Schools Initiative.


Keeping kids in school during the flu season-easy tips from experts

Dr. Hudson Garrett from Nice-Pak Products and Dr. Don Domenech, Executive Director, American Association of School.


The Kids Department Store

Nearly one in five children have to wear uniforms to school. But those school clothes don't have to be expensive or deny a child's individuality.


Your school for choosing the right school

How to choose the right early education school.


Starting Early is the Key to Reading Success

It's never early to jumpstart your child's education, even as a baby.


On-line monitoring

Alison Rhodes and Mike Muir joins a discussion on the dangers of cyber bullies, sexting, and predators that could ruin the life of pre-teens engaged.


Exciting online teaching tool that's free

Rose Stuckey-Kirk from the Verizon Foundation, and Katrina Allen from St. Philip's Academy discuss an exciting teaching tool online for parents and teachers called


Tyson Foods Supports the National School Breakfast Program

The Balancing Act visits Tyson Foods' Test Kitchen to learn about hot breakfasts for children available at school.


Make School Supplies Easy

As the new school year approaches, the dread of school supply shopping builds for many moms. Now you can get all the supplies you need in less than 5 minutes.


Chuck E. Cheese's helps raise money for schools and charities

Chuck E. Cheese's is on a mission to help raise money for local schools and charities across the country, and there are ways every viewer can help.


The Classroom of Tomorrow - is Here Today!

Cisco is making a difference - by bringing classrooms into the "21st Century".


Shaping Our Teachers to Meet the Needs of the 21st Century Classroom

Shaping Our Teachers to Meet the Needs of the 21st Century Classroom.


The Wireless Reach of Qualcomm

Project K-Nect School Program - Technology in the Classroom.


Technology in School

ELMO is changing education in the classroom!.


Why Does Professional Development Matter?

When teachers have opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills, your children reap the benefits.


Yoursphere Safe Social Networking.


Creative Fundraising Concepts through Technology

Your PTO goes paperless.


Technology in Schools

STEM education is vital to the future of every person.


Ways to Engage our Children in Reading at Home and in School

Reading instruction is not a one-size-fit-all... Learn how to engage our Children in reading at Home and in School.


Dealing with Bullying/Cyberbullying

Is your child being bullied at home? On cyberspace? Join us as we discuss this unfortunate topic and how to address the problem.


Preparing Students to Compete Globally

These days it seems like kids are constantly operating one kind of electronic device or another, from laptops to cell phones, mp3 players, and video games.


Ablaze Academy

Parents, we're helping you take control of your child's education with online courses. Learning at home doesn't have to be an overwhelming or intimidating experience. And your child can get just as much.


Western Governors University

Back to school doesn't necessarily mean back to the classroom. If you want to turn your passion for math and science into a career, Western Governors University may be the right choice for you.


U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular's Calling All Communities contest lets ten schools that receive the most community votes share a million dollars with no strings attached.



Dell directly addresses the educational needs of 'iGeners' by designing products that encourage learning inside the classroom-- and at home.


Healthy weight commitment

Lisa Gable, Executive Director for the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation stops by The Balancing Act to tell us about the strides the HWCF are making in their effort to end child obesity in America.


Back to School: Family mealtime at it"s Best

As a parent it's difficult to come up with new ideas for interesting and healthy meals, including foods that you can put in your kid's lunch boxes. But with the right sauce, even the simplest recipes can come to life.