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'Du-More' for Your Kids!

Getting your children to brush their teeth twice a day can be very difficult, but keeping their toothbrushes germ-free is practically impossible! Fortunately, Dr. Du-More’s® brushes use nano-silver technology on their bristles, making them capable of resisting 99.9% of bacterial growth.

Believe it or not, silver has been used as an anti-bacterial agent for thousands of years, and was only replaced by other substances because of its cost. Ancient Romans and Greeks found that liquids stored in silver containers would stay fresh longer, and even our own American settlers were known to drop silver dollars into their milk jugs to delay spoilage.

During the Middle Ages, wealthy families would give their children silver spoons to suck on to protect them from the Plague, which gave birth to the expression “born with a silver spoon in his mouth.” Today, however, modern science allows us to once again benefit from silver’s amazing anti-microbial properties without all of the expense.

Dr. Du-More’s® anti-bacterial tooth brushes cost about the same as the economy brushes sold at major retailers, but protect your children from germs like no other product can. They are made in the USA out of biodegradable plastic and packaged in recycled material, so they’re not only better for your kids, but they help protect the environment as well!

Dr. Du-More’s® brushes are distributed mainly through fundraising organizations like schools, churches, and scouting groups. Their mission is to promote good oral hygiene, but also to support community service and education. Through these fundraisers, money that would already be spent on dental products is directed away from retailers and foreign factories and into the hands of educators and other worthy groups.

Want to “Du-More” for your child’s school… and their smile? Go to www.dumoreforschools.com. To support healthy teeth and help your scout, go to www.dumoreforscouts.com.