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Gourmet Goat Cheese

Have you ever tried goat cheese? Gourmet goat-milk cheese is gaining in popularity as more and more Americans realize its great taste, easier digestibility…and versatility.

And it’s the perfect time of year to display some on a cheese tray at a party or use as an ingredient in your favorite holiday dish!

Montchevré’s award-winning Goat Cheese is a healthy and delicious alternative to cow cheeses, and they’re simple, all natural and wholesome.

• Product line includes fresh goat cheese in *9 different flavors: Crottin, Crumble, Brie, Blue, Bucheron, Cheddar, Gouda, Camembert, Feta, and Goat Milk Yogurt – ALL GOAT MILK PRODUCTS.

• Cheeses are rich and creamy with a mild and tangy flavor.

• Versatile and easy to use for any kind of cook and cooking.

• Goat milk products are easy to digest. Fat molecules in goat milk are smaller than those in cow milk making it easier for humans to digest.

• Montchevré has a broad range of flavors and styles, all made with full respect for their ancestral tradition.

• Economically feasible addition to any meal, from simple to gourmet.

• Key component in the popular Mediterranean diet

Montchevré’s goats have open access to pasture, and they firmly believe that their cheese is only as good as the milk that is used to make it. Montchevré puts a huge emphasis on milk quality, supports its milk producers with a team of highly trained technicians, and makes sure to accommodate farmers financially in a time of need.

Join Arnaud and Melanie Solandt of Montchevré on Monday, January 7 and 28th at 7:00 am (ET/PT) on Lifetime as they share their culinary secrets about this popular cheese.

For more information, visit: www.Montchevre.com and Facebook: www.facebook.com/montchevre