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Enjoy High Heels Again

Ladies, when it comes to heels, the higher the better, right?

Not if your part of the 20 percent of women who suffer from Hammertoe! It’s time to dust off your favorite heels and enjoy them once again thanks to MiToe™.

Hammertoe is a condition where one or more toes remain bent or curled causing an unnatural appearance that change the shape of your foot and cause pain which is worsened by shoe wear over time.

Usually Hammertoe can be prevented by wearing shoes that properly fit and don’t squeeze your feet into an unnatural shape. However there are certain factors that can’t be predicted or prevented, such as

• Heredity

• Toe muscle or tendon imbalance

• Prior trauma such as broken toe

• Arthritis

• Excessive pronation (inward rolling of the foot)

• Excessive flattening of the food

Although there are non-surgical treatment that can soothe the condition in early stages, Hammertoe usually becomes so painful that the only option is to surgically correct it. MiToe™ offers an easier solution to traditional Hammertoe treatment.

In the past Hammertoe was treated with wire pins, also known as K-wires, which would straighten the toe during surgery and fixate it with wires placed through the bone and out the tip of the toe for a few weeks. Unfortunately many patients experienced their Hammertoes returning, making all the discomfort and pain a waste of time.

The MiToe™ Hammertoe Fixation System offers many benefits in contrast to the traditional method of treatment. With more comfort and fewer complications MiToe™ provides a lasting solution without all the fuss.

MiToe™ was a valued sponsor of the “Balance Your Life Road Tour™” that just wrapped after the last stop in Jacksonville, Florida. To read about the tour and to view pictures and videos from the event visit:

If you suffer from Hammertoe and would like to learn more about MiToe visit: http://www.MiToe.com