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What do you do with the plastic bags you get from the grocery store? Statistically about 2 percent of these plastic bags end up getting recycled, that is a staggeringly low number. What can we do increase recycling or better yet cut down the use of plastic bags in general?

In many countries the use of plastic bags has been outright banned. Citizens in these countries have to pay for a plastic bag in order to get one. Is America headed in the same direction? The shocking truth is that plastic bags:

• Pollute rivers and streams
• Kill animals: over 100,000 marine life killed a year from consumption
• Destroy plant life
• Take 1,000 years for 1 plastic bag to degrade
• Break easily and have a short life span

The best way we can save our planet and reduce our dependence on plastic is to purchase reusable shopping and tote bags. Envirosax has done a research study and found that many women still like to be fashionable when they shop, and these totes in essence are similar to purses. For this reason Envirosax has created fashion forward eco- friendly reusable totes.

Envirosax designer reusable totes are:

• Inexpensive
• Compact
• Tested for strength and safety
• Strong - can hold over 44lbs
• Fully washable and won’t fade
• Fashionable and fun
• Waterproof
• The solution to one-use plastic bags
• Great gift idea

With the philosophy to create a better future for our planet, Envirosax has gained the support of celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Justin Timberlake, Queen Latifah, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Obama’s, and that’s just naming a few!

Envirosax was a valued sponsor of the “Balance Your Life Road Tour™” that just wrapped after the last stop in Jacksonville, Florida. To read about the tour and to view pictures and videos from the event visit: http://empower.thebalancingact.com/tour/

To help learn more information and help the environment, visit http://www.envirosax.com.