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Keep Art Alive

According to the National Assembly of States Art Agencies, an overwhelming margin of the American public believes that art is vital to a well rounded education. Art education can:

• Increase GPA’s

• Increase SAT scores

• Help kids excel in math

• Increase confidence

• Promote creative and critical thinking

• Increase imagination

With all the benefits that art brings to our kids, why in the world are schools cutting the program? Many art programs are being cut because of budget issues. However, parents and teachers can work together to implement art in schools through programs like MadCap Logic’s Creative Express that offers a reasonably priced solution.

Creative Express delivers comprehensive 16 animated lessons to engage children and provide the tools they need to interpret and create meaningful art that is ideal for children ages 7 to 12. To tap into cognitive, personal, and social development Creative Express makes important connections to:

• Math
• Reading
• History
• Science

Creative Express and MadCap Logic was a valued sponsor on the “Balance Your Life Road Tour™” that just wrapped after the last stop in Jacksonville, Florida. To read about the tour and to view pictures and videos from the event visit: http://empower.thebalancingact.com/tour/

Tune into “The Balancing Act®” at 7:00am on Lifetime December 4, 2012 at to learn more about Creative Express and their participation in the “Balance Your Life Road Tour”.

For more information on MadCap Logic and the Creative Express program, visit