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Send Cards, Give Back!

Due to budget cuts and lack of funding many schools are forced ask their students and parents to raise money for supplies and programs. Car washes and door to door fundraising are not practical anymore, so how can we help our schools raise more money?

Online fundraising is the new alternative that is much more effective and reaches a wider audience. One great example of online fundraising is Cardraising Inc., an online greeting card company that gives 30% of all the proceeds back to schools and charities.

Cardraising combines custom personal printing with charitable fundraising to create an easy and reliable program for raising money through sharing treasured family memories.

Traditional methods of fundraising are going by the wayside because:

• They often focus on unhealthy options like selling chocolates and sweets.

• Teachers, Faculty, and PTA members have less time and energy to dedicate to fundraising due to increase in workload.

• Door to door fundraising is not safe for children.

• It is very time consuming for busy families.

How do you start? Cardraising is simple and easy. When purchasing an e-card 30% of every purchase goes to a school of your choice anywhere in the United States. This free tool for schools is great because once signed up schools will receive a kit and banner to help promote awareness, excitement, and involvement.

With the holiday season around the corner you can check something off your list while giving back at the same time!

Cardraising was a valued sponsor of the “Balance Your Life Road Tour™” that just wrapped after the last stop in Jacksonville, Florida. To read about the tour and to view pictures and videos from the event visit: http://empower.thebalancingact.com/tour/

Tune into The Balancing Act® at 7:00am on Lifetime TV on December 4, 2012 at to learn more about Cardraising and their participation in the “Balance Your Life Road Tour”.

For more information and to get involved, visit http://www.cardraising.com and www.facebook.com/cardraising